The Carta Bible Atlas - 5th Revised and Updated Edition

The Carta Bible Atlas - 5th Revised and Updated Edition
The Newly Revised & Expanded 5TH EDITION of  THE CARTA BIBLE ATLAS      OUT OF STOCK  • 300 maps • Over 100 illustrations   Key to Maps according to the Books of the Bible • Index to Place Names • Index to Persons • Chronological tables      ****  Also available in  Kindle edition  ****                                                                                              

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By: Yohanan Aharoni, Michael Avi-Yonah, Zeev Safrai, Anson F. Rainey, R. Steven Notley

The Newly Revised & Expanded 5TH EDITION of



• 300 maps

• Over 100 illustrations

• Key to Maps according to the Books of the Bible

• Index to Place Names

• Index to Persons

• Chronological tables


1) What were the origins of David's men of valor?

2) What were the beginnings of the Maccabean revolt?

3) How and when did Herod the Great rise to power?

4) Where did the arrest and death of John the Baptist take place?

5) How many journeys did Jesus make to Jerusalem?

6) What were the seven churches of the Apocalypse?

Answers to these and endless other questions relating to the Old Testament, Intertestamental and New Testament periods can be found (with maps) in THE CARTA BIBLE ATLAS.

 Enriched by the addition of 40 new maps, this fifth revised and expanded edition of The Carta Bible Atlas is an unrivaled classic. It brings the latest findings of biblical, historical, and archaeological research to its sweeping cartographic portrayal of biblical history. In convenient graphic form, it depicts the vast panorama of events spanning from 3000 B.C. to the end of the third century A.D.  


Review From Bulletin Of The Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society

                                                      Review  by Pastor Jimmy Reagan


The Carta Bible Atlas, by its original authors, Yohanan Aharoni and Michael Avi-Yonah, has consistently sought to provide precise details for each of the major events described in the Bible. As research has progressed and new discoveries have been made, the succeeding authors have revised previous material, adding fresh maps and texts to supply a more complete picture for many of the biblical narratives.

The land of Canaan/Israel/Palaestina is still a focal point for millions of Bible lovers, Jewish and Christian. The history of that geographical entity cannot be divorced from the wider context of the Ancient Near East and the Graeco-Roman world. Historical Geography, putting the Bible on the Map, is an attempt to understand the biblical events in their ecological and socio-cultural context. It is an essential component of biblical studies if one truly desires to empathize with the ancient people whose religious experience we claim to share. This fifth edition will enrich the Bible study of all students, teachers and scholars who sincerely desire to bring the Bible down to earth.

Rainey has added a number of maps from the broader Levantine history, placing the biblical events in a solid framework of Near Eastern culture and has thoroughly revised subsequent chapters. Notley has revised and enhanced the portions dealing with New Testament events. He has also extended the reach of the atlas to the beginning of the fourth century A.D. by adding a chapter on the Holy Land according to the Onomasticon of Eusebius, bishop of Caesarea.


Language: English

Hard Cover, 232 pages, 9 x12 in. (23 x30 cm)



  • 300 Maps
  • Over 100 Illustrations
  • Key to Maps according to Books of the Bible
  • Index to Place Names
  • Index to Persons
  • Index
  • Chronological Table
  • 2 Colors


ISBN: 978-965-220-814-9

Weight: 1.32 kg (44.63 oz)

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