Carta's Bible Land Quiz Book

CARTA'S BIBLE LAND QUIZ BOOK contains over 700 multiple choice questions spanning a multitude of topics.The wealth of information provided will not only challenge but enhance your Bible understanding and perception of the Holy Land. Discover events and marvelous places, acquaint yourself with the people, the cities, and the landscapes that comprise the most amazing book of all, the Bible.

  • Why did the Lord tell Samuel to go to Bethlehem?
  • Where did Solomon build his temple?
  • How was Ruth related to King David?
The questions and answers, the maps and charts, will reveal the stories behind the places, thus bringing to life the events that have occurred in the land of the Bible.
It is our sincere hope that Carta's Bible Land Quiz Book will connect you to the reality and spirit of the Bible Lands.



Jerusalem City of Kings

The Ultimate Textbook on Biblical Jerusalem devoted to the serious study of the Holy City.

JERUSALEM city of kings a carta atlas Jerusalem City of Kings: A Carta Atlas is based on the latest archaeological discoveries. Covering a lifetime of biblical research study and love from the First Temple period up to the time of Jesus, the author provides a vivid picture of this city in word and picture.
Sufficiently detailed for scholars and students, it is addressed to all those for whom Jerusalem has special meaning and whowish to delve deeper into the biblical narrative associated with
the city.
Profusely illustrated with clear and detailed maps, illustrations and photographs, this atlas allows the student and reader of the Bible a more profound understanding of the turbulent history of those days and of the immense changes that Jerusalem saw over the centuries.

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